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Posting on Steemit and navigating the site

February 2, 2018 by


Let's first discuss how to create a post on Steemit. We do this by showing a demo of posting a YouTube video and some text within a post. We also touch on how video links should be embedded in the post, rather than just posting the links alone. (This is to ensure your views from Steemit will count towards your views on YouTube.) We then go into details about tagging your posts and how to view comments and replies on your posts as well. From there, we talk about how to interact with other users’ posts in the form of commenting, upvoting, and resteeming. We then move on to see how to follow someone, and then we discuss what your home page (feed) consists of, as well as what the other feeds contain (trending, hot, new, and promoted). We also see how to view feeds for a particular tag. We will be covering the crypto wallet and how you get paid for you posts in an upcoming video. Follow deeplizard: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Steemit: Instagram: Support deeplizard on Patreon: Support deeplizard with crypto: Bitcoin: 1AFgm3fLTiG5pNPgnfkKdsktgxLCMYpxCN Litecoin: LTZ2AUGpDmFm85y89PFFvVR5QmfX6Rfzg3 Ether: 0x9105cd0ecbc921ad19f6d5f9dd249735da8269ef Coinbase sign up (You get $10 in BTC & we get $10 in BTC): GDAX playlist: Crypto hardware wallets: Ledger Nano S: Trezor: