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Front running explained | Trading concept to know

February 17, 2018 by


Let’s introduce this concept of front running. To do this, we will start by talking about what front running is, and how it relates topics we have been covering recently, specifically how it relates to makers, takers and order books. Depth chart video: Will Warren article: Wiki: Tedx talk (High frequency trading and the new algorithmic ecosystem): SEC complaint: Follow deeplizard: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Steemit: Instagram: Support deeplizard on Patreon: Support deeplizard with crypto: Bitcoin: 1AFgm3fLTiG5pNPgnfkKdsktgxLCMYpxCN Litecoin: LTZ2AUGpDmFm85y89PFFvVR5QmfX6Rfzg3 Ether: 0x9105cd0ecbc921ad19f6d5f9dd249735da8269ef Recommended books on trading: --Beginner-- Real Money: --Intermediate-- The Daily Trading Coach: --Advanced-- The Black Swan: Antifragile: Skin in the Game: Coinbase sign up (You get $10 in BTC & we get $10 in BTC): GDAX playlist: Crypto hardware wallets: Ledger Nano S: Trezor: