Who Are We?

The Creators of DEEPLIZARD


Hey there, meet us: Chris and Mandy. We're the minds behind Deeplizard. With academic backgrounds spanning Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, and Finance, coupled with years spent in the tech industry, we bring a unique blend of experience and expertise to the table.





Deeplizard emerged in late 2017, guided by a purposeful idea: to elevate collective intelligence. Our grounding in mathematics provided us with the tools necessary to help explain complex concepts in AI in a way that's both precise and accessible to newcomers.


But don't pigeonhole us only as AI enthusiasts. We're preparing for a significant shift. As AI takes over specialized tasks, we see the age of human specialization in terms of work and usefulness coming to a close. Our response? Striving to become polymaths, the versatile individuals who can adapt and grow alongside advancing technology.

What's Next?

So, what can you expect from us next? Well, our Deep Learning Comprehensive Curriculum is just the starting point. We're actively researching and developing content on a variety of crucial subjects. In short, there's more to come.

Every day, we're focused on finding new ways to make a meaningful, positive impact on human intellect.

Broader Ecosystem

But our ambitions don't stop at human intellect; we also focus our attention on the broader ecosystem. We're talking about the environment, our forests, oceans, and the myriad of species they support.

As technology advances, so does our responsibility to deploy it in a manner that safeguards our planet, rather than vigorously exploits it.

Existential Risk

And then, there's existential risk, the dangers, whether it's AI or otherwise, that threaten not just human existence but life as we know it. Being in a field that's at the forefront of such powerful technologies, we understand the weight of the ethical considerations that come with it.

For us, tech is more than simply a neutral tool; it's a mirror that not only reflects but also drives the values of those who wield it. Wielding this tool, we have the power of gods, and so we need the wisdom of gods to guide that power.

Wisdom of Gods

So how do we go about gaining this wisdom? For us, it starts with understanding ourselves as complex systems where the mind and body are deeply connected.

We focus on fitness and health for the body, and for the mind, we engage in mindfulness, travel, and even controlled, intentional use of psychedelics. It's about balancing cognitive and emotional components to navigate an increasingly complex world.

Psychedelic Experiences

The word psychedelic translates to mean mind revealing or soul revealing. This happens on untamed lands each time we expose ourselves to new experiences.

Whether it's through travel that shakes some dust off neural pathways, or explorations that push the boundaries of conventional thinking, we find that these moments act as catalysts.

They stretch the fabric of our being, allowing us to assimilate experiences that are both vast and deeply individual, gradually forging the wisdom that guides us in a world of gods and machines.

As we cultivate wisdom, our sense of connectedness broadens, enriching our understanding of who we are in larger and larger contexts.


So, who are we? Above all, we're Earthlings, connected intrinsically to every living being and natural element that shares this planet with us.

We're here not just to push the boundaries of what's technologically possible, but to contribute to a sustainable, inclusive, and thoughtful future for all Earthlings as stewards of our beautiful blue planet.