AI Art for Beginners - Stable Diffusion Crash Course

Deep Learning Course - Level: Beginner

AI Art for Beginners - Stable Diffusion Crash Course Syllabus Overview


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AI Art for Beginners - Course Overview

Welcome to this course on AI art for beginners with Stable Diffusion. My name is Chris, and we are delighted to have you with us.

In this course, we get hands on experience with artificial intelligence by generating art using Stable Diffusion and the Automatic1111 interface.

If you're here, you've probably already heard about Stable Diffusion, or at least AI art. It's taking the world by complete storm! We've never before been able to generate art or realistic images as quickly, openly, and precisely as we can now with these new AI models like Stable Diffusion.


We will be making things like this. Here, we have two images of Mandy from deeplizard. One of them is the real Mandy and another one is a synthetic Vietnamese version of her created using AI.

About the Course

This course is a hands-on AI project based course. This means that we will be primarily learning by doing via hands-on activities, implementing examples, and an end of course project.


Our goal in this course is to get exposed to the field of artificial intelligence through the avenue of AI art. Throughout the course, we will be learning all about Stable Diffusion, an open source and freely available artificial intelligence designed to generate images.

As we journey through the ins and outs of Stable Diffusion, we will be aiming to build up enough skill and expertise to complete the end of course AI art project, Women of the World, as shown in this video.

The skills needed to recreate this project using AI are next level. By the end of the course, beginners will have the skills necessary to create this project using their own input image.

As you can see, the generated images here are extremely realistic with intricate detail. This is not the quality that you would otherwise get if you just showed up to a Stable Diffusion prompt on the web with no know-how. Through this course, we'll understand how exactly to get these amazing realistic images.

Course Prerequisites

A prerequisite for this course is to have a lot of heart, a lot of mind, and a lot of will power. Heart, mind, and will are the traits that will guarantee success in this course! Don't worry. I'm only kidding. Even if you don't have these traits, you'll still be good to take this course.


Having mind, heart, and will certainly will help, but the main prerequisite for this course is to have a strong desire to learn. This will ensure success.

The course is designed for beginners. To take this course you only need to be be generally savvy with a computer. If you are good at using Google, and you known how to install software on your computer, it should be possible to successfully complete this course.

This course will be challenging, and it will also be a lot of fun. AI art definitely turns artificial intelligence into a fun topic. This is especially true when we are able to actually generate compelling art.

Mandy and I spent an entire night laughing at the outputs we were getting when we first starting experimenting with Stable Diffusion.

The course will utilize Automatic1111, a very popular open source application that's freely available. We will be using this user interface to work with Stable Diffusion. For this reason, being a coder is not required to take this course.

Note, however, that we will be writing some code, but it is doable and not too difficult even if you've never coded before.

Even so, if you really want to avoid coding, then we will be showing an alternative method without the use of any code which will use the video editing software, Davinci Resolve.

Note that if you are hesitate about enrolling, we invite you to try out a few lessons that are freely available, and especially go through the lesson on getting the software configured and set up.

In particular, check out the install lesson that, upon completion, will ensure that you are ready to take this course. The lesson page can be viewed here: Automatic1111 & Stable Diffusion - AI Art Course Install & Setup

What You'll Learn

This course will cover everything needed to get up and running with stable diffusion. In fact you'll be about to generate your very first image using AI in the first lesson.

This is how we will test that all of the required software is installed properly. Once the software is installed properly, we are ready to start generating images.


By the end of the course, you'll be able to generate compelling images with a degree of control that's not possible for a newbie that shows up at a prompt for the first time.

Along the way, we will be learning how things are working and touching on (in a light way) the underlying concepts and how the image generation process works technically.


This course is designed to be both for complete beginners who are just showing up to the world of AI, as well as for those of us who already have a foundation and want to learn how to skillfully create AI art.

For beginners, this course acts as stepping stone into the world of AI. If interest in AI is sparked from this course, there is a whole learning path available through deeplizard to continue learning about artificial intelligence. With deeplizard courses, you can start as a beginner and move all the way to advanced.

Course Summary

Here, we have a quick summary of this course and its information.


For more information, be sure to see the page for this course on We hope you enroll and enjoy this course.

Practice with Flashcards

Challenge your grasp of the concepts by exploring these interactive flashcards.


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