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Convolution Operation Inside Neural Networks

In deep learning, convolution operations are the key components used in convolutional neural networks. A convolution operation maps an input to an output using a filter and a sliding window. Use the interactive demonstration below to gain a better understanding of this process.

To learn more about convolutional neural networks, see CNNs Explained.

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BETA Testing Phase

This convolution operation demo is currently in BETA. The intended use of this application is to:

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  • Help instructors teach 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

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Demo Tips

Here are some helpful tips to consider when using the app:

  • Hover over the pixel values in the calculations and the output to see how values are connected to one another.
  • The * operation between the window and the filter represents the sum of the element-wise product, also known as the Frobenius inner product.
  • In the output, red pixels represent positive activations, and blue pixels represent negative activations.
  • The application works on mobile but performs best on desktop. We tested on a limited number of mobile devices. Let us know if you run into issues on your device.