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Machine Learning & Deep Learning Fundamentals

This series explains concepts that are fundamental to deep learning and artificial neural networks for beginners. In addition to covering these concepts, we also show how to implement some of the concepts in code using Keras, a neural network API written in Python. We will learn about layers in an artificial neural network, activation functions, backpropagation, convolutional neural networks (CNNs), data augmentation, transfer learning and much more!

Keras - Python Deep Learning Neural Network API

This series will teach you how to use Keras, a neural network API written in Python. Each video focuses on a specific concept and shows how the full implementation is done in code using Keras and Python. We will learn how to preprocess data, organize data for training, build and train an artificial neural network from scratch, build and fine-tune convolutional neural networks (CNNs), implement fine-tuning and transfer learning, deploy our models using both front-end and back-end deployment techniques, and much more!

Neural Network Programming - Deep Learning with PyTorch

This series is all about neural network programming and PyTorch! We'll start out with the basics of PyTorch and CUDA and understand why neural networks use GPUs. We then move on to cover the tensor fundamentals needed for understanding deep learning before we dive into neural network architecture. From there, we'll go through the details of training a network, analyzing results, tuning hyperparameters, and using TensorBoard with PyTorch for visual analytics!

Reinforcement Learning - Introducing Goal Oriented Intelligence

This series is all about reinforcement learning (RL)! Here, we’ll gain an understanding of the intuition, the math, and the coding involved with RL. We’ll first start out with an introduction to RL where we’ll learn about Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) and Q-learning. We’ll then move on to deep RL where we’ll learn about deep Q-networks (DQNs) and policy gradients. We’ll also build some cool RL projects in code using Python, PyTorch, and OpenAI Gym.

Data Science - Learn to code for beginners

This series will teach and empower beginners who want to learn about code and data science. We introduce programming by considering data first and then code. Skills acquired from this series will enable a beginner to create and participate in data science projects. We will learn how computers represent data, how to use the command line, how to write scripts, programs and much more!

Trading - Advanced Order Types with Coinbase

This series teaches beginners how to trade by examining order books and advanced order types in detail using Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange. We avoid the perils of price predictions and instead focus on how price is determined through order books and order flow. We discover makers, takers, limit orders, stop orders, bids/asks, candlesticks, front-running, trade history, volume, moving averages, order execution and much more!

Waves - Proof of Stake Blockchain Platform and DEX

This series introduces Waves Platform, a blockchain platform were users can create, transfer and exchange blockchain tokens on a peer-to-peer basis, paying transaction fees in the native WAVES token. We will learn how to setup and use the Waves wallet, how to purchase WAVES, how to send and receive WAVES, how the built in decentralized exchange (DEX) works, proof-of-stake (POS), leased-proof-of-stake (LPOS) and much more!

Zcash - Privacy Based Blockchain Platform

This series explores Zcash, a privacy based cryptocurrency. We’ll learn how Zcash is built upon and extends the Bitcoin protocol and as a result, how two different types of addresses are supported by Zcash. We’ll learn how to use the Zchain block explorer and its API, verify accounts on the public blockchain, how to purchase Zcash using Jaxx and more!

Steemit - Blockchain Powered Social Network

This series covers the basics for anyone wanting to get started with Steemit, a social media network that runs on top of the STEEM blockchain. Steemit pays creators and curators with cryptocurrency for contribution to the site. We will discover what Steemit is, how to create an account, how to make money (cryptocurrency) on Steemit and much more!

Jaxx - Blockchain Interface and Crypto Wallet

This series introduces blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts by examining the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet, a great wallet for beginners looking to get exposed to crypto. We will see how to get up and running with Jaxx, how public private keys work, how to use passphrases to backup and restore crypto wallets, how to send and receive cryptocurrency, verify accounts and transactions on the public blockchain using block explorers and more!

AWS - Amazon Web Services EC2 Management

This series covers the basics for how to get up and running with an Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud Compute (AWS EC2) instance. We will learn how to create an EC2 instance, firewall rules, manage users, configure SSH, use the AWS CLI, register a domain and much more!