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Is Bitcoin safe at Coinbase/GDAX?

September 15, 2017 by


⚠ NOTICE ⚠ - "All digital currency that Coinbase holds *online* is fully insured. This means that if Coinbase were to suffer a breach of its *online* storage, the insurance policy would pay out to cover any customer funds lost as a result." Reading this statement carefully, it indicates that the *online* online holdings are insured. This is 2% of the total. This does not include the 98% held in cold storage. This means that the 98% held in cold storage relies solely on the security mentioned on Coinbase's site and the mentioned security in this video: ----------------------- Are crypto assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum insured at Coinbase and GDAX. What is the insurance? Are the funds safe? Let's take a look at the policies. Source link: Android: iOS: Links: 💥🦎 DEEPLIZARD COMMUNITY RESOURCES 🦎💥 👀 OUR VLOG: 🔗 👉 Check out the blog post and other resources for this video: 🔗 💻 DOWNLOAD ACCESS TO CODE FILES 🤖 Available for members of the deeplizard hivemind: 🔗 🧠 Support collective intelligence, join the deeplizard hivemind: 🔗 🤜 Support collective intelligence, create a quiz question for this video: 🔗 🚀 Boost collective intelligence by sharing this video on social media! ❤️🦎 Special thanks to the following polymaths of the deeplizard hivemind: yasser Prash 👀 Follow deeplizard: Our vlog: Twitter: Facebook: Patreon: YouTube: Instagram: 🎓 Other deeplizard courses: Reinforcement Learning - NN Programming - DL Fundamentals - Keras - TensorFlow.js - Data Science - Trading - 🛒 Check out products deeplizard recommends on Amazon: 🔗 📕 Get a FREE 30-day Audible trial and 2 FREE audio books using deeplizard’s link: 🔗 🎵 deeplizard uses music by Kevin MacLeod 🔗 🔗 ❤️ Please use the knowledge gained from deeplizard content for good, not evil.