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Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Deep Learning Dictionary


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Deep Learning Dictionary

Generally speaking, artificial intelligence, widely known simply as AI, is intelligence that is inhabited by a machine, rather than from a natural biological life form.

We may consider a machine, or a specific program on a machine, to be artificially intelligent if it can perceive its environment and act in that environment in such a way to reach a given goal.

This is one definition, but note there are many nuanced arguments and debates about the definition of AI and what it takes for machine to be considered intelligent.

Popular subfields of AI include machine learning and deep learning, which each implement AI with their own types of learning algorithms.


Artificial intelligence is already widely implemented and in use today with still having lots of room to grow.

Some popular current applications of AI include:

  • Recommendation systems, like those used by YouTube and Netflix
  • Face filters, like those used on social media apps
  • Facial recognition, like when you're auto-tagged in photos on social media
  • Object detection, like in self-driving cars

These are just a few of the many applications of AI already in use today, and each of these AI applications are what we call narrow AI, since they are each only focused on a single narrow task.


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