PyTorch - Python Deep Learning Neural Network API

Deep Learning Course 4 of 6 - Level: Intermediate

Deep Learning with PyTorch - Course Conclusion


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Course Conclusion

Welcome to deeplizard. If you've found this page, you probably know by now that my name is Chris. I want to say congratulations! You've made it to the last lesson of this course.

It's been a long journey through all of this course material. We've learned so much regarding tensors, data and processing, PyTorch design, neural networks and training all the way to experimentation.


With the testing framework set up to test multiple network architectures, you are now well positioned to continue experimenting and comparing in an organized and speedy way.

To continue on your deep learning journey, you can continue forward into more advanced material with deeplizard or go back and sharpen up the basics.

As you may know, this course had some philosophical sugar sprinkled throughout, so i'll leave you with an idea that has a philosophical flavor that you can carry with you move forward in your life.

The first video lesson for this course was uploaded to YouTube on September 3, 2018. The work for this course started six months prior to the first upload, just around March 2018. This video lesson is being uploaded in March of 2022, nearly four years later. With that being said, my advice to you is as follows:



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In this lesson, we will wrap up the PyTorch deep learning course. πŸ•’πŸ¦Ž VIDEO SECTIONS πŸ¦ŽπŸ•’ 00:00 Welcome to DEEPLIZARD - Go to for learning resources 00:30 What is Batch Norm? 04:04 Creating Two CNNs Using nn.Sequential 09:42 Preparing the Training Set 10:45 Injecting Networks Into Our Testing Framework 14:55 Running the Tests - BatchNorm vs. NoBatchNorm 16:30 Dealing with Error Caused by TensorBoard 19:49 Collective Intelligence and the DEEPLIZARD HIVEMIND πŸ’₯🦎 DEEPLIZARD COMMUNITY RESOURCES 🦎πŸ’₯ πŸ‘‹ Hey, we're Chris and Mandy, the creators of deeplizard! πŸ‘€ CHECK OUT OUR VLOG: πŸ”— πŸ’» DOWNLOAD ACCESS TO CODE FILES πŸ€– Available for members of the deeplizard hivemind: πŸ”— ❀️🦎 Special thanks to the following polymaths of the deeplizard hivemind: Tammy BufferUnderrun Mano Prime πŸ‘€ Follow deeplizard: Our vlog: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Patreon: YouTube: πŸŽ“ Deep Learning with deeplizard: Deep Learning Dictionary - Deep Learning Fundamentals - Learn TensorFlow - Learn PyTorch - Reinforcement Learning - Generative Adversarial Networks - πŸŽ“ Other Courses: Data Science - Trading - πŸ›’ Check out products deeplizard recommends on Amazon: πŸ”— πŸ“• Get a FREE 30-day Audible trial and 2 FREE audio books using deeplizard's link: πŸ”— 🎡 deeplizard uses music by Kevin MacLeod πŸ”— πŸ”— ❀️ Please use the knowledge gained from deeplizard content for good, not evil.


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